Max Horus
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Beyblade(s) Hades Horuseus BD145EWD
Age  ?
Friends Drake Frost
Enemies Wolf Darkfang and Ryan Skull


Friendly and Strong but Never Cheats. He's Sometimes annoying when Copy His opponents. He launches From Heights and Interupts Battles.


He has Blue and Brown hair with Blue Markings like his Brother Nile's. He wears a Torn-up Blue Jacket. With a Red Vest. His Pants are Black with Red on the Bottom.

His BeyEdit

  • Face Bolt - A Black Metal Face with a Red Horuseus Print
  • Energy Ring - A Red Feathered Horuseus with Black Stickers
  • Fusion Wheel - A Black Hades Wheel
  • Spin Track - Dark Blue BD145 Spin Track
  • Performance Tip - Light Blue EWD Performance Tip

Special Move(s)Edit

  • Vulcan Blast Strike - It Blows with a Huge Force
  • Vulcan Demolition Strike - Its Spirit Comes out and strikes it's opponent 4 Times

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