Basic InfoEdit

Unregistered Beyblade
Owner: None

Type: Stamina

Attack: **

Defense: ****

Stamina: ******

Face Bolt: KerbecsEdit

A Silver Kerbecs print with a Clear Mettalic face bolt.

Energy Ring: KerbecsEdit

All Golden Kerbecks energy ring.

Fusion Wheel: DiabloEdit

A Red Diablo Fusion Wheel with Golden eye Stickers.

Spin Track: TH170Edit

A Black TH170 Spin track. 3 Different Heights, they are |170 -> 195 -> 220|

Performance Tip: EWDEdit

Black EWD Performance tip for Extra stamina.

Special MovesEdit

  • Kerbecks Soul Crush


3 Headed wolf Dog creature with a Devilish tail they can Run fast, Jump and Pounce, and Bite and Crush!

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