Describe his Personality (Use as Much Detailed info as Possible)


Describe what the Blader looks like (Use as much Detailed Info as possible)

His BeyEdit

  • Face Bolt: The color of the face bolt and the Color of the Print, and the Name of the Face Bolt.
  • Energy Ring: It's Color and color of Sticker if there are any, and the Name of the Energy Ring.
  • Fusion Wheel: It's Color and color of Stickers if there are any, and the Name of the Fusion Wheel.
  • Spin Track: the Color of the Spin Track and it's name
  • Performance Tip: the Color of the Performance Tip and it's name. (Spin Track and Performance Tip should Match.

Special MovesEdit

  • what the Bey's Special Move is called: What it does

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